Online HTML Web Editor

How to use the HTML5 Editor

It's really intuitive to use the online HTML Web Editor. Click the Demo menu item to populate the editor with a sample text with headings, paragraphs, a table, some styles you can experiment with.

Use the visual WYSIWYG editor just like any other word editor to adjust the content and see the HTML source code changing in the source editor. When you want to adjust the code just type the changes there and that will update the preview section on the right. The syntax highlighting helps to make the text more readable.

Below the source composer you can find the options to undo the last change and to start a fresh page. Adjust the font size with the +/- commands. There's another option to compress the HTML code removing new lines, tabs, successive spaces. The two arrows give you access to the replace tool, and the page sheet icon brings up a popup where you can generate the lorem ipsum text. Decide whether you want to add the gibberish paragraphs to the end of the editor or you'd rather populate the section allocated for this without the working area and copy the bits manually from here.